15. Microregion Housing Project 1. Stage - 7. Block / Novorossiysk -Russia

Horizon Udarnik /Novorossiysk -Russia

Residence and Shopping Mall, Russian Federation

Mishako Villas / Novorossiysk - Russia

Novorossiysk Port

15. Microregion Housing Project 2.Stage - 8.Block / Novorossiyks - Russia

Victoria Rezidans / Krasnador - Novorossiysk - Russia


The Company with limited liability "Almis" was formed in the construction market of Krasnodar region in 2000. The purpose of formation of the new construction company put overlapping professional skill of the Russian and Turkish experts with development of new technologies in monolithic construction. This idea is incorporated and in the name of firm "Almis", i.e. an alliance of Moscow and Istanbul.

In the company highly skilled Turkish and Russian experts in the ratio 60 % and 40 % from the general number of workers that does not prevent mutual understanding and successful work of collective in common work. Its solid and remarkable growth over a very short time thereafter placed ALMIS one of the most respected providers of construction services in Russia and as well as in Turkey.

Our mission is to provide high quality construction services in a manner which will compel our clients and their design professionals to recommend our company to others. The pillars of ALMIS' philosophy are to follow up and implement the latest state-of-the-art construction technology and to uphold quality throughout execution. Almis Construction Company has established strong relationships with its clients, as well as the entire building team, that have been the key to the successful execution of our projects. These partnerships have resulted in responsive service, competitive pricing, accurate scheduling, and ultimately satisfied clients.


In 2000 Almis began to introduce ourself in Russia and in 2008 we put into practice our companys Istanbuls branch Office because of maintain that have been acquired our success in span of time. To provide our customers with the dedication, vision, and experience needed to meet the highest standards within our industry. The everyday application of these principles has given us the foundation to fulfill the expectations of our customers, employees, and community as well as the ability to meet timing schedules , budget requirements, and perform the highest quality of craftsmanship and design our industry demands.


Our vision at Almis is to assist our clients in completing construction projects in a timely and professional manner. We do this by satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients by providing quality service through skilled, safe and conscientious employees.