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Novorossiysk Port

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Novorossiysk Port

1.Fuel Oil Reservoirs, each 37,000 tonnes
2.Repair Maintenance Atelier
3.Water Purification Constructions
4.Pipe Line Ferroconcrete Works
5.Management and Administration Building

The construction of the fuel oil terminal which is founded on a

116000 m² area started on April 2010 and finished on

December 2011. The terminal provides collection of fuel oil

which is transported on highway and railway into the reservoirs

with a total capacity of 119000 tones, transmitting of fuel

through a pipe line of approximately one kilometer to the

harbor and loading on ships.

There are 1 fuel oil convection station with 60 wagons, fuel oil

reservoirs with 37,000 and 15,000 tones of capacity, 1,5 km long supporting walls, repairment & maintenance buildings,

water catchment & purification constructions, management and

administration buildings and other supplementary